About Bettina Thomas

Bettina Thomas - An international Milliner

From the concept to the creation, Bettina Thomas’s couture hats transcend fashion; they are collectable, covetable and exquisite works of art. The French born artist combines traditional millinery skills, honed through years of training in Europe, with a global aesthetic inspired by her world travels. Her clients include international royalty and the stylish elite. In Bettina’s hands the finest fabrics are crafted into elaborate sculptures, designed not only to be worn but displayed and appreciated as individual art forms.

Her head pieces demand attention as the focal point of any outfit, the finishing touch that transforms the wearer into the main attraction. A Bettina Thomas Couture hat represents style, luxury and exclusivity for those who recognize the beauty of top class millinery and modern, yet timeless, design. “My hats are far more than accessories,” Bettina says. “Each one is a sculpture, designed to be displayed like any work of art. They are not to be hidden away in the wardrobe after wearing, they are creations to be touched, examined and enjoyed,”-says Bettina.



Nontando Hat
“You are such a great artist. I am proud to wear your beautiful creations. With much admiration, Camilla” HRH Princess Camilla of Bourbon Two Sicilies
“Bettina’s hats (or head pieces) are beautiful beyond words. She does not use the word couture lightly, they are works of art.” Jenny le Roux, Fashion Designer, Cape Town
“A woman adorned by a Bettina Thomas hat will turn heads, for her hats are individual masterworks.” Angus Stewart, Past President UK of International Association of Art Critics, Leading London Fashion Consultant, Fellow of the Royal Society of Art.
“Innate sense of style, something you cannot buy or fake! You either have it or you don’t, Bettina has it!” Sheryl Swanevelder, Auckland, New Zealand
“Grande creatività, altruista, eleganza.” Gianmarco Russo, Fashion Designer, Rome, Italy

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