an ambassador and "the hat of the future"
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an ambassador and "the hat of the future"


It was perfect timing (call it fate if you will); the meet-cute between Bettina and Nontando Mposo. While Bettina Thomas was looking for a brand representative, Nontando was looking for a hat to wear to an upcoming BIIIG Event: The L’Ormarins Queen’s Plate.

As the Queen's Plate was rolling around the corner, so was our journey into a friendship, (and little did we know) a partnership with Nontando who we are proud to announce that, *drum roll....* she is now the face and official ambassador of Bettina Thomas Couture Hats!!

By the time we got around to picking which hat best suited Nontando for the event so much had happened (mostly, hint hint,... to do with the upcoming here to read all about it), among which, we were contacted by another beautiful personality, blogger and entrepreneur Diana Bellingan of ‘Fabulous-over-fifty’ on instagram, to represent us at the event. Bottom line, we ended up with two representatives at the Queen’s Plate.

Here is what they have to say about their experience including some pictures for those of us that did not make it to the race because the men's line continues to refuse to make itself.


Nontando Mposo - Ambassador

I fell in love with this striking headpiece the first time I saw it. Loved that it's unique and unconventional, not your typical race day headpiece.

Wearing it for the Queen's Plate event made me feel like a queen. It sat like a cherished and beautiful crown on my head. It was also the headpiece that got the most attention for the day. Comments such as "Your headpiece is in the future", "Such an unexpected and beautiful headpiece" speak of Bettina's creative mind. Having the hat nominated for the Best Hat of the day was special and a proud moment.

My dress style is bold, feminine and individual... which fits in with the Bettina Thomas Couture Hat brand...why follow trends and blend in when you can stand out and be different?



Nontando Mposo - Fashion and Beauty Editor


Diana Bellingan

This year was my first L'Ormarins Queen's Plate experience and also one of the first horse-racing events that I've had the privilege to attend.

I paired up with the incredible designer Elrico Bellingan to wear a custom design from his label ElricoZarr and partnered with the talented Bettina Thomas, I first came across her creations on Instagram I absolutely fell in love with her amazing creations and just had to contact her.

We then put our wits to work in styling and deciding what outfit would go well with both the event and the hat that we had chosen for the event - The end result was beautiful, to say the least!

It really captured the theme of the L’Ormarins Queen’s Plate with it’s strict, blue and white theme - I have never felt prettier.

Special thanks, to Bettina for understanding my vision and for adding that touch of couture glamour to my look. It was a pleasure working together and an honor to wear one of your creations!


Diana Bellingan 




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