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when in atlantis

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What happens in Atlantis stays in Atlantis,... what am I saying? hahaha Wow... I'm lying…. Ok, I’m totally lying!! hahaha in my defense though, you should know that I have always wanted to use that expression about some surreal thing that I did, ( in this case been a part of ) in some far-away-from-home-place but unfortunately for me, I cannot say that about our time in Atlantis at the renowned Inyoni Location Farm, where we spent an entire day shooting with an amazing team of filmmakers, photographers, make up artists, stylists, and supermodels, and because there were filmmakers involved, there is no way I can say that 'what happens in Atlantis stays in Atlantis', because there is proof - what a bummer, right?


Anyway.... we are excited to share with you an aftermovie, a behind the scene of our time at Inyoni Location Farm.



We arrived early, ready and a little scared that we would not be able to shoot all the themes that we had in mind, and if it wasn't for our brilliant team that worked back to back tirelessly, throughout the day - I still believe that we would have needed an extra day (which we did not have) to finish.

We would like to thank everyone that was involved, firstly in the organization, in planning and in the execution of such huge project.


Here are some of our favorite pictures from the shoot.


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